Uanabana is partnering with leading research institutions to bring the latest discoveries of the benefits from healthy products.  We are especially intrigued by the soursop fruit - the Guanabana as it is called in Spanish. It has been revered for centuries in South America, and it was considered a sacred fruit by the Incas.


Guanabana is widely promoted as an alternative for cancer treatment. Having said that, there is no empirical medical evidence that it is effective so far. However, we see a great potential as a natural food wonder. That explains why our company is named Uanabana.


Read some interesting articles about the Guanabana fruit below:


Guanabana - the cancer killer


There's a New Super Fruit in Town


Guanabana : A Review of Its Traditional Uses, Isolated Acetogenins and Biological Activities


We will also provide information about new healthy products you should consider.

Interesting information:






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