Healthy Vending Machines Operations

Uanabana offers premium services for schools, corporations, public and private institutions who want to install a healthy vending machine on their premises. Our customer satisfaction is our key value proposition. 100% of our customers are satisfied and are ready to be a reference.


What Healthy Vending Machine do we install?

In a strategic partnership with GROW Healthy Vending Machine, Uanabana installs and operates the latest and state of the art USelectIt machines. 


What Geography do we cover?

Our current service covers the Metro Atlanta area for the moment.  


Traditional Vending Machines - Distribution and Consulting

Uanabana is an independent distributor for Federal Machines. Federal Machines – part of the Witter Group - offers the most complete full-line vending merchandising equipment available. Their products and facilities are modern and satisfy a growing global customer base. Uanabana and Federal Machine provide a full circle of support to assist with your automatic merchandising needs.

Federal Machines and Uanabana offers the following services:

- Financing based on credit record
- Location Services
- Consulting Support
- Identifying Right Opportunity
- Advice on Equipment, Products, and Pricing
- Pre Sales and Post Sales
- Procurement of Equipment


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